Hotel Vs Hostel: An Honest Comparison

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The second biggest expense when traveling is the hotel. After you book the flight, pick up the rental car, you're more than ready to relax. The problem is whether to stay at a hotel or hostel. I'm going to give you a quick comparison that will help you in your decision.


As a young girl one of my favorite books to read was Eloise at the Plaza. The story is of a young girl that lives in a hotel. A hotel is glamorous. Expensive fixtures, artwork and furniture decorate the hotel. Important meetings and people pass through hotels every month. It is what makes a hotel such a great choice. 


Beautiful decor, artwork, chandeliers etc..
Private Room and Bath (in most cases)
Convenient Location (if not knowledgeable staff) 
Breakfast Included (in most cases)


Isolated from the locals
Breakfast not always included

B Historic Hotel

Hostels or Airbnb are a second great option. Hostels often have multiple beds in a room or even bunk beds. This helps bring down the cost per night. Many Airbnb, bed and breakfast, hostels, pods are popping up for the budget traveler. This is putting pressure on many hotels to become more accommodating. 


App Savvy
Novel Experience
Interaction with Locals

Somewhat Risky

Requires a lot of Independence
Wild Card

There are pros and cons with both options, it is ultimately up to you. 

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