My Sexiest Playlist

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My sexy playlist is made up of a couple of my favorite songs. This playlist is great if you're looking for a mellow car ride or a relaxing playlist for your boo. A couple of these songs are old so if you have any newer suggestions please comment below.

Is There Somewhere | Halsey

This song is amazing because it captures the uncertainty of love
the newness and excitement.
She asks just for tonight if we could pretend.


You and I | Ingrid Michaelson

This song has a cute ukulele tune to it. Ingrid Michaelson 
is one of the greatest folk singers of our generation. I remember 
following her on Myspace singing to You and I while a drooled 
over my crush!

Belong to You | Sabrina Claubino (feat. 6lack)

This song is more mature than the others. It talks about 
mutual respect and care for another person. Love songs
can be selfish, with what the singer needs and wants. 
But I belong to you.

Bed Peace | Jhene Aiko

Bed Peace is perfect for a Sunday morning when you and you s.o are just relaxing.
The song capture the slow down culture we miss. The best day is the unplanned, spontaneous

Can I | Alina Baraz
Alina Baraz has made her mark as a sexy soulful
singer with Fantasy and Electric. Can I is different.
A song that sees the beauty inside of another.
There's a universe inside of you.

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