Personality Type: CREATOR

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

It wasn't long ago that I took an in depth personality test. It's nothing like the Myers Briggs
test but a career guidance test. The test was 50  questions long and painful! It took me longer because I kept choosing 'indifferent' response and it couldn't score it. I went back and weighted my opinions a bit. After that, I got my results.

Creator, interested in image and self-expression and artistic experience. Creators enjoy drama, fine arts, music and creative writing. They like to work with visual elements such as forms, colors and patterns.

I've  always been creative. My peers looked to me artistic ideas. I don't mind being a muse. As  I got older I saw how hard it was for some people to make a living. An artist is often depicted as a loner  in a studio painting in the dark and eating soup out of a can.

I did not want that life. I didn't want to struggle. So I decided to stop drawing, and pursue a career in management.  I look back on it and I'm saddened because it was then I decided money was more important then my happiness. I have picked up drawing again and still love it. My advice to anyone reading this at the thresh hold. Life is a struggle don't let money decide for you.

If you guys want to take the "TEST"

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