Am I a Pixie Maniac Dream Girl?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We all have seen the pixie maniac dream girl. She's the bubbly, shallow, girl that will never grow up. In films, she's seen as a companion for the protagonist. Who is equally shallow and immature.
So am I a 'Pixie Maniac Dream Girl?" Besides her shallow nature, she teaches the protagonist to let go and live.

I can admit to my shortcomings and I'm not the most mature. The similarities between the Pixie Maniac Dream girl and me is our free-spirit, quirky nature. The Pixie Maniac girl is not all bad. One of my favorite PMDG has to be Clementine from the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She loved Joel but never agreed to be his salvation. She never wanted to fix him and she did not want to be fixed. Clementine had her own life and lived fearlessly.

Another one of my favorite PMDG is Ramona from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. A hot American girl with a difficult past, dates Scott an equally heart broken individual. Romana and Scott break up after he battles her ex's.Scott learns self-respect and the consequences of being a serial dater.

The PMDG is a powerful and lovable character. A quirky girl on a mission of self. And hey maybe dates a couple of cute guys along the way.

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