The Hunger Games Guide to the Eclipse

Monday, August 21, 2017

Today a few lucky cities will witness the Eclipse. Redmond, Knoxville, and Charleston.
I have composed a Hunger Games guide to surviving the Eclipse.

Tip #1
Limit Driving and Commuting During the Eclipse

With visitors coming from all over to witness the
eclipse driving and normal everyday activities will
be difficult. Visibility will be somewhat limited,imagine
a cloudy day when it's overcast.
Everyone should be cautious of the sudden change and
hold off on any activities until it is clear

Tip #2
No Selfies Please

The great Neil deGrasse has said
"Don't film the Eclipse, experience it."
It has been verified by NASA that using
your camera or phone may damage the lens
unless you have a UV protectant to cover it.
Nor can you view the eclipse through your

Tip #3
Protect Your Eyes

The most important organ by far.  If you
decide to view the event make sure you
protect and cover your eyes. The solar
glasses are probably sold out everywhere,
but if you can snag a pair from a friend or
go to a viewing party that provides
them you'll be covered.

How will you view the Eclipse. Comment down below.

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