Summer of Classic Films

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This summer I wanted to watch classic films. The reason is, I have always been attracted to black and white films. I remember in school watching Twilight Zone when the teacher's wanted a break. It intrigued me when I was young. The black and white shows offered a lesson. A twist you'd didn't see coming or a slow build up to a passionate kiss.


This was the last film I watched before I started classes.
To explain it briefly Metropolis is about a creator, his son
and a girl. The boy, Fredor is the son of  Joh Fredersen,
the master of Metropolis. He grows up rich and naive. One day
when prancing about with loose girls, Maria comes with the worker's
children and points to Fredor and says 'he is your brother.' She
exclaims we are all brothers. Freder was taken by the beauty of Maria and
leaves his pampered life to search for her. Workers live underground and work
10-hour days. The wealthy live in Metropolis.

It was the first silent film I've watched and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The movie had a slide that fills the viewer in on what was said. I found myself
filling in the words anyway. The expressions were so grand, almost cartoonish.
There's a scene when Maria was running away from the scientist, it was so dramatic,
I thought she was going to pass out from all the shaking she did. I laughed.
It's interesting to see how people think of the future and our relation with technology.
The idea is still the same, people fear technology.

Heaven Can Wait

If I choose to watch a classic film, I prefer to watch this genre.  This movie is about Henry, a bachelor.... you can say. He's a charming rich, young man with a history of mischievous behavior and nothing would make his parents happier than for him to marry. While strolling through downtown he spots a beautiful girl, Martha. Martha and Henry have a lifetime adventure together.

When watching the film I sympathized with Albert. Albert was originally engaged to Martha, a bit nerdy, he lost Martha to Henry. I have a problem with people taking things. Henry swoops Martha into his arms and they elope. Henry was hot, even in black and white, I see why Martha was taken by him.My favorite line in the movie is when Martha says she has Henry now that he has a tummy. She doesn't need to worry about losing him to other women. It's a cute, lighthearted film. I recommend it.

Nights of Cabiria

A prostitute searches for love in the streets of Rome. She hopes for a life away from the nightlife. Every man she falls for runs and takes her money. The movie opens up with Cabiria nearly drowning from her boyfriend pushing her into the river. Cabiria didn't know how to swim and the pedestrians didn't know how to do CPR. You see the man holding her upside down and shaking her. One day she hangs with her friends and they go to a service. The Virgin Mary is in front of Cabiria as she pleads for a different life. After the service, she freaks out and leaves her friends. She leaves sure that her prayer will be heard.

I am attracted to Cabiria and her story because you don't want to give up on love. You can't give up on wanting a better life. The only person that can make a change in your life is you. Cabiria was hurt so many times and by people that pretended to love her. The worst kind of feeling is to be hurt by someone you love. I teared up when she handed her boyfriend the money and told him to kill her. Essentially she had given up. 

I really enjoyed this project. I'll do more of these in the future.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

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