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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Money is an interesting thing. It's essentially a tool, it's neither good or evil. The latest Powerball drawing for 700 Million Dollars makes me think what would I do with that money?

If I Won 700 Million Dollars....

I Would Save and Invest a Large Portion
It's important to invest in your future. An opportunity
like this is once in a blue moon. I could save for major
future investments like a house, and my future family.

I Would Travel
I would travel and see the world. I go to Italy, Greece, Spain,France, and Amsterdam.

Exploring this great, wideworld, meeting people and experiencing different places is important to me. I would spend months away and move from place to place.

I Would Go on a Shopping Spree
I would go crazy in Nordstrom and Fashion Nova.
I would buy EVERYTHING my heart desired.
Designer tops, a cartful of shoes, I'll have arms of accessoriesand bags.  I would find the shyest sales women and have her
ring up my huge purchase.

I Would Give to Charity
I'm a firm believer in giving back.
Charity is like paying rent to the World.
Giving back to someone less well off than you
is the least we can do while we are here on Earth.
I would donate to the S.T.E.M education for young
women and Environmental organizations.

What would you guys do with a million dollars? 

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