Best Break-Up Songs

Monday, June 19, 2017

There's something therapeutic about a good break-up song. A song can speak to your soul and mend a broken heart. Below I have listed my favorite break-up songs.

Goodbye to You
Michelle Branch

In the lyrics, Michelle says  'I'm not giving in this time.' This perfectly explains giving your all
to someone that does not appreciate you. In the video, she pawns her wedding ring and buys a
car. She is in complete freedom to love herself.

Sometime Around Midnight
The Airborne Toxic Event

The song is very complex. You can feel the emotions of loss, obsession, desire, and desperation.
I chose this song because breaking up isn't easy. You're going through a wide range of emotions. The point is you're strong and this point of your life has passed.

He Wasn't
Avril Lavigne

After a couple weeks you begin to remember what a jerk he was. You remember that you deserve someone much better! He wasn't the one you wanted, no!


It's important to remember self-care after a break-up. It's easy to fall into bad eating habits and forgetting to exercise. You begin to look like a zombie but remember you're a goddess. Treat yourself like one!

I Will Survive
Gloria Gaynor

You thought I crumble? You thought I lay down and die? Oh, not I !!
After a breakup you become stronger. With every defeat, there is a lesson.
Now you are prepared to go forward and make better choices in you love life.

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