5 Epic Failures Involving Art

Monday, June 26, 2017

1. Ecce Homo Cecilia Giménez

In an attempt to restore Cecilia Giménez made the painting
of Jesus look more like a monkey than the Lord and Savior.
She has reported since the epic failure she has been ridiculed by her collages.  

2. What is He Missing Paul Klee

Klee a Swiss-German artist makes a quick sketch on ingres paper and asks, 'What is he missing?' I can answer that, a neck and a torso. It is an interesting interpretation on expressionism and cubism, it draws the viewer in to participate in the artwork.  

3.  Women III Willem de Kooning

Women III is one painting in a series of six. The painting is the
fourth most expensive painting ever sold, at 137.5 million dollars. The painting was stored away due to strict government regulations. In 2006 it was sold to a billionaire. I guess there's someone for everyone. 

4.Untitled (1970) by Cy Twombly 

This painting resembles scratches on a
chalkboard, but this painting has been 
in a  prestigious European collection. The 
painting resembles children learning cursive.

5. Museum of Bad Art

The Museum of Bad Art or MOBA's motto is 'art that is too bad to be ignored.'
The gallery is based Massachusettes.  In its collection are bad works of art and epic art failures. 

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