2017 New Year's Resolution: Revisit

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hey everyone! This is a quick check-in on OUR New Year's resolutions.
We are passing the 6-month mark and now it's game time. If you haven't
kept up with your goals it's not too late!

1. Reevaluate Your Failures

I never look at failures as failures. To be successful you must look
at failures as lessons. In those lessons you can reevaluate you goals.

For example:
January apply for Study Abroad Scholarships--Completed but did not receive the scholarship instead I went to NYC

February: Update Portfolio--Somewhat, I post quick sketches on my Instagram
March: Write everyday-- Somewhat, I have kept up with my blog MW. Thank you for reading every week!

2. Set New Goals

It is important to forgive yourself. It's only failure when you quit completely. Setting new goals can make your New Year's Resolutions feel fresh. Posting your resolution somewhere where
you can see it everyday can also help. By looking at your goal everyday you subconciously 
set the path to your goal.

July: Get Certification
August: Post First YouTube Video
September: Interview for Out-of-State Jobs

3. Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines.

 There's no anchor to keeping your goal unless you have a
deadline. A deadline give you a finishline to visualize. I set a couple of goals each month and
the end of the month is the deadline. Some goals can take a week, or 3 months but set a date.

4. Remember Your Mission

Your mission is what you consider to be your life's purpose. Your goals should always be in
alignment with your mission. If you haven't already, sit down and write a sentence, no more than three about what your purpose is here. Below I have listed mine;

My mission is  to live and work creatively in art, fashion, film making, teaching, and philanthropy.

5.  Visualize the End Result

Lastly visualize you have already achieved your goal. It will help you when you
don't feel like working out that day, or make excuses for not completing your
goal. Imagine the end so you can increase your will power to do it.

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