The Most Awesome Moments of my Life – so far

Monday, May 15, 2017

1. A little girl singing "Let It Go" from Frozen in
the grocery store
                    While I was in the grocery store I heard a little
                     girl start to sing "Let it go! Let it GOOO! The cold never
                     bothered me anyway."
                     That moment was awesome because she wasn't afraid
                     to sing in public. She shared that song that was in her
                     heart for all to hear.
2.  Learning to Skateboard from a cute guy
                    I got a summer job at the college and luckily while
                    working there I met a couple of cute guys. We
                    were walking home and I told him about how I like would
                    to learn how to skateboard. He pulled out his skateboard and
                    held me as I tried to balance. I didn't know how
                    to stop when he grabbed me in his arms and
                    whirled me around.

3. Running into Dylan O'Brian
                   I was internally freaking out when I saw
                   Dylan O'Brian. I am a huge fan of Teen Wolf
                   and Dylan walked into my job.  Dylan is super
                   cute and really tall. He also really likes Kind
                    granola bars, FYI.

4. My Time Working a Fashion Show
                    I had the pleasure of working a local
                    fashion show. We had local designers and
                    models. I enjoyed the creativity of the event
                    and how everyone came together to make
                    it happen.  

5.  Moving Out on My Own
                   My decision to move out is a decision I'm
                   proud of. Although I have had TERRIBLE
                   roommates I have become more independent
                   and self-reliant.

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