Modern Day Dating: My First Kiss

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I know we are getting to know each other and I feel like the story of my first kiss is a good one.
We can all think back to our first kiss. Our first crush, and maybe our first time falling in love.

I went to a small public school. I wasn't popular but people knew me. I hung out with a small group of friends and did extracurriculars like chorus and art.  My friend Ray was a the opposite of me. She was confident and wore Baby Phat. Basically, she was cooler than me.  She and many of my other friends were more "experienced," than me. Many of them have been further than first base.

I was a doe-eyed teacher's pet that had no idea what they were talking about. Ray was surprised when I told her I've never kissed a guy before. To be honest I had braces and didn't think that was an option. I was so afraid I'd cut his lips lol. Ray introduced me to her cousin Jon. Jon was tall with beautiful hazel eyes.

I never knew what she told him but I had his attention and I liked it. Every morning we meet by his locker and he would walk me to class. The teachers and other students would glare. I guess they thought I was too prude to date anyone.

While walking to class  I turned to him and asked him to kiss me. And he did.

I learned that love can be great and although I've been hurt, never be afraid to love.
Because love is the closest thing we have to magic.

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