Culottes and Crop Tops

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I know it sounds like a cool blog name but this article will talk about culottes and crop tops.
My two favorite articles of clothing. The two together are unstoppable. Culottes first came
about during the French Revolution as a term for pants or shorts.

I love the two together because it's casual and cool. Not a lot of effort is needed to pull it off. It's a great commuter outfit if you're wanting to be comfortable. I have seen black
culottes paired with a witty shirt or a black bandeau with black culottes. (black & black my favorite)

However, if
you decide to wear it make sure you have fun and express yourself to your fullest potential.
Remember fashion is supposed to be fun!

What do you think about culottes and crop tops? Leave a comment below.

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