Frédéric Bazille; The Young Artist

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Frédéric Bazille was an impressionist painter.  While listening to a Yale podcast, I was turned on to Bazille's work. Bazille  was a young man when he decided to start painting in his early twenties. His parents didn't completely agree with Bazille decision. They allowed him to paint only if he studied medicine. 

Bazille was brilliant, but not as a doctor. He failed his medical exams and later focused on painting. 
This failure allowed Bazille to create memorizing artwork. He was immersed in the art world. His friends were some of the great impressionist at the time, and by being around them he developed his artistic style. 

I image Bazille  as a young man trying to find his calling. He was torn between the approval of his parents and his passion for painting. Painters are often depicted as a frou-frou, with a tiny mustache, standing in a park  painting a sunset. Bazille was a brave, and talented artist. Every artist knows that art has a higher purpose.  It is symbolic, a representation of the times and culture. 

Bazille later joined the army during the Prussian war. It is believed that he was discouraged from his past failures, joining an army seemed like the call to glory. He sadly died while serving. 

Bazille was searching, like many of us, for prestige. He had the talent but his time was cut short.

Who is your favorite artist? Leave a comment below.

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