Why Tumblr is Bae

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tumblr is one of my favorite social media platforms. It's a strong yet silent competitor among the Twitters and Facebooks of the internet. Tumblr has stood out for its unfiltered, artistic platform. Which is, unfortunately, becoming less common on the internet. Facebook has been known to ban breastfeeding woman and Twitter harshly removes users for freedom of speech.
 (I.E lovely RiRi having her Instagram removed, but it's back 😊  so we're good)

It seems like businesses are flooding the once organic social media scene.  I'm not saying that social media should be total unfiltered, but the push for ads and marketing is making these platforms less social.

Recently Tumblr was sold to Yahoo. Yahoo is a big internet monster company. But so far Yahoo has not been bad. The ads are new, but you'll find that on any social media platform. Visual artist, photographers, animators are still very active on Tumblr.

Why Tumblr is Bae

There's artwork galore
It's has a strong niche following
Endless scrolling
Fashionistas are there too
Maybe the navy blue background?
Unreported news
Positive Images of Minorities ( Muslims, Blacks,

My hope is that social media remains people-centered. All people can feel like their personal page is a reflection of them and that their voices are heard. Companies, Ads, and Dollars signs are not people

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