Modern Day Dating: Missed Connections

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I was walking to the convenience store when I hear a honk and a "hey babe.'
I look over my shoulder to see a man with only gums waving at me from in 1995
Ford Lincoln. I was disgusted.

The next day at work I met a HANDSOME guy, 27 years old with the body of
Tarzan. I said 'hey,' and he introduced himself. Let's just call him Tarzan, to save me the embarrassment if anyone I know comes across this.  

For the next hour we stood there in silence. I don't know what is going on with millennial men but dating is difficult.It seems like forward, assertive women are favorable. The girls that speak over people and wants everyone to see them.

Meanwhile, girls, like me, that enjoy a bubble bath and a good book are looked over. In response to that people often say young men want what's fun and fast. I don't think that is entirely true. In the case of "Tarzan" could it be the assertive women are the only one's that show enough interest in them.?
They go with the obvious choice?

I know I'll never be a becky, I will aways be a Badu. My hope for this post is for guys to try a little harder. Maybe a casual smile or offering to help her carry something. There are women looking for love outside the club. Seriously everyone doesn't like to drink.

what do you think? Leave a comment below.

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