Let's Play Dress Up

Thursday, March 16, 2017

While looking through pictures of my grandmother I saw a picture of her going to a movie theater all dressed up.Back then going to the movies was a major event.   She wore a pencil skirt, gloves, and her pearls.

I love athleisure, check out my previous article about it! But wouldn't it be nice to wear a dressy outfit just because? Elbow-length gloves and high heels while going downtown. I'm not talking about a skin tight dress but an outfit that flatters you and looks EXPENSIVE.

I don't know the right occasions to wear something like that. I go to concerts or to the beach. I went to a TedTalks one time but everyone there was professional casual .

An appropriate venue to get dressed up could be a broadway show or a gallery opening. But truthfully we don't have a lot of that happening here.

Tips on How to Dress-Up

Plan Ahead

Take into account what makes you feel confident and
the temperature. Planning outfits also saves time


A couple of bangles or hoop earring can really make an
outfit. I personally love necklaces and scarves

Get Involved

Joining a professionals' group or even
a charity can help you network and give you
a chance to wear those stunning dresses

Go Out Once in a While

I know it's hard to do but just go out to
a fancy place. Stop making excuses, and just go.
You help others by taking care of YOURSELF

Just Dress-UP

If you ran out of reasons to dress up, just
go for it. Chances are if you look really
good a photographer may spot you and post
your outfit in the next issue of Vogue!

Did anyone else see BaubleBar at Target!?
Hands down they sell the best accessories. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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