Fearless Girl Statue

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Boston Globe
New York City is bustling with news its new statue,"Fearless Girl."
Fearless Girl stands before the raging bull of Wall Street, smirking with assurance.
The Fearless Girl stands for social equality, education, and justice, in the face of
new oppression. The truth is we are entering a new age. We need to get to work.
It is important that we express our opinions to form a new and better country. It doesn't
 matter who is in office. We are the country for the PEOPLE.

The Fearless Girl reminds me of times when I  didn't speak up for myself. It reminds me of the
times I've been marginalized, looked over and looked down upon. This statue of a young girl stands before, what seems like an unstopped force, she stands before it smiling.
Fearless Girl, I want you to know I stand behind you. And behind me stands another and after her is another. So when you face that bull, just know we got your back.

The Fearless Girl will remain in New York until 2018. What do you guys tink, leave a comment below.

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