90s Nastalga and What That Means for Your Summer Wardrobe

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

As the warm weather approaches

 you're probably thinking
"I need a new wardrobe!"

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The warmer weather gives us a chance to
reinvent ourselves. Like a butterfly, you emerge from your
winter slumber to a new season.

If you're a 90 baby like myself this summer will bring
back the memories of your childhood. It will take you
back to the days of Fallout Boy, pixie sticks and good Cartoon Network shows.

This summer you're likely to see the trends I've listed below.

Sports Jersey

Guys love a girl in a sports jersey. There's nothing
sexier.But if impressing the opposite sex is not your
motivation it can be a great fashion statement.  Sheer jerseys
are layered with bralettes or camis.


 Band Tshirts

In high school I was a huge
Paramore and Fallout Boy fan. Popular tshirts are 70s and 80s
band tshirts. Like the Ungrateful Dead or  90s Rap tshirts like Tupac.
Maybe when we're 40 our favorites bands will
be trendy.

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I am a personal fan of chokers. They came in a variety of styles. Forever21 is the perfect place to find inexpensive chokers if you're not looking to commit to the trend.

Bootcut/Flare/Boyfriend/Girlfriend Jeans

I can say I'm thankful we are moving away from
skinny  jeans. Recently there has been a rise in different
styles of jeans. I predict that cropped jeans will become the new "it" jean. The looser leg
will flatter more body types.


Do you remember when Juicy Couture
tracksuits were all the rage? You would see celebrities
like Paris Hilton wear them out. Well, the tracksuit is not
done yet. Juicy Couture is planning a comeback and many other companies are planning for the return of the tracksuit.
The rise of Athleisure (read my previous article) makes
the tracksuit a reasonable option for on the go people.

What trends do you think will happen? Leave a comment below!

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