Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hello All,
Property of Victoria Secret

I am a HUGE fan of the Victoria Secret Fashion show.
I love every year how they plan a magnificent show.
The models are gorgeous, the musicians are popular.
But let's step back and give a round of applause for the designers.
Yes, the models are tall and hot but the people that design,
and create a theme for each model is a genius.

Each model has their own character, sporty, sexy, flirty or angelic.
The lingerie glistens, and shimmers as the models strut down the runway.
The Victoria Secret Fashion Show took place in Paris.
The city of high fashion a cuisine.
The designers had to bring their A-game this year.
There was no fear of bold colors and patterns. The models
also wore leather and lace.

I couldn't help but notice a pair of boots
previously seen on Kylie Jenner earlier in the
year.  The classic pink robe was worn by all the angels
backstage as they prepared for the show.

If you're a fan of VS Fashion show you can check out behind the scenes
footage here.

Leave a comment below and tell me
what you think!

--Barefoot Queen

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