2017 New Year's Resolution How-To

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The New Year is fast approaching. The New Year brings promise of  new start and new adventures. 
Resolutions are the hope to improve the quality of life and start over.
I've complied a list of How-Tos to help you create a resolution and stick to it.

1. What is your life's mission?

Heavy at first, I know, but ask yourself 'what is your purpose on Earth'
For example some people find purpose in educating,
building business, creating art etc.
What is your purpose ans write it down.

My mission is  to live and work creatively in art, fashion, film making, teaching, and philanthropy.   

2. Make a Five-Year plan.

This I found difficult. I am a here and now person so
looking ahead makes me nervous. But writing a five year plan is 
important because we all need to keep an eye on our future.
My five year plan includes
Improving the quality of my Blog
Starting my Freelance Business and
Traveling the World

3. Break it down even FURTHER

Break your Year 1 goal into 12-months (Jan, Feb, Mar)
It make the goal more manageable by breaking it down into smaller steps.
that is true with everything in life.
For example:
January apply for Study Abroad Scholarships
February: Update Portfolio 
March: Write everyday

4. Deadline

Deadlines create a end for the goal. Sometimes we just float along and say 
we'll get around to it sometime soon. But that time never comes. 
A due date or deadline is a MUST!!!
January apply for Study Abroad Scholarships (Due Feb. 1)
February: Update Portfolio (Due March 1)

5. Have Fun

It's not about the destination it's about the journey

SO what's your New Year's Resolution? Leave it in the comment section below!

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