You're Everything I Wallabie

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I can't wait for the colder
weather to wear my desert

I know the title says wallabies but I'll
include desert shoes.

Wallabies, desert shoes, and loafers
are cozy fall weather shoes. They
have an air of sophistication and ease.
These shoes are easily styled with
jeans and a cardigan. Wallabies
have been spotted on male and female

Wallabies and desert shoes are often
viewed as "guy" shoes but that's not
the case.  Men and women can wear
desert shoes and wallabies! I find
Pinterest and lookbook a perfect
place to get outfit ideas.

Will wallabies be a part of your fall
look? Leave a comment telling me how you 
plan on wearing them, and don't forget to 
follow me so I can follow back!

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