Mermaid Crowns

Monday, August 1, 2016

Under the Sea... Under the Sea...

If you follow any major womens magazine
Linda Olsen
 you've heard of the mermaid crown.

Chelsea Shiels, the designer, found her calling 
last year selling Mermaid crowns on Etsy.
The delicate crown is made of shells and 
beads. It can be extravagantly arranged or more
toned down. 

So if you're tired of wearing that last
season's flower crown upgrade to the
Mermaid crown!!

Mermaid crowns are perfect for music festivals, 
going to the beach or just being Ariel for a 
day! These lovely crowns awaken your 
inner Mermaid Princess. 
I love headbands, flower & shell crowns.
Hints the name. Anything that allows
you to stand out is A-ok in my book.

What's your opinion about the Mermaid

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