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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AllbeeCustoms Etsy

College Dorm Art

There's nothing like art to make a room pop. 
Art can add uniqueness to any boring
white wall.

My favorite is canvas art. Canvas art can be anything from 
quotes to fashion silhouettes. You can buy canvas at your local art store
or Michaels. The ideal paint to use for canvas art would be "acrylic paint" and a paint brush.
When you choose a design you like, take some tracing paper 
and lightly trace the design. Then paint and leave to dry and you have
beautiful canvas art.
If you have a green thumb, plants are great dorm room accessories.
Pick plants that are low maintenance for the on the go 
college girl. Plants like cactus's, succulent, and aloe are 
small enough to fit in any dorm room.
Lastly, I have to include wall decals. They come in all 
shapes and sizes. They can be small delicate spirals
or bold shapes. The best thing is that they are removable!
So you're not stuck with that drab, 1980's dorm you
you have the power and creativity to change it!
What dorm decor did you use in your dorm room?

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AllbeeCustoms Etsy

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