Crafty Woman Must Haves'

Monday, August 15, 2016

Are you a crafty women? If you look
in a magazine and know you can make
that paint-dipped vase or that wall art. 

You are a crafty woman. Here's a short
list of must haves if you're just starting out.
1. Chalkboard Paint
          There's limitless possibilities with this paint, from cabinets to
           mason jars
2. A variety of brushes
3.Paint (Other)
4. Glue
      Elmers, Fabric and Mod glue
5. Fabric & Ribbons
      For you thrift store diy of course
6. Exacto knives & scissors
7.Markers, crayons, and Sharpies
9. Rulers
     Lots of rulers!!
       To discover new crafts!

Happy Crafting

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