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Sunday, August 21, 2016

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There are situations that make us feel
less than. Whether it's going back to school or starting a new job. We need confidence  to project us forward.

Below I will list some tips and tricks
I've picked up from YouTube and my readings.

1. Wonder Woman Pose
Amy Cuddy, speaker, and psychologist  emphasizes
the importance of power posing. It's a good practice before
any major presentation or anything nerve wracking for that
matter. Posing changes your mood, elevating it to a more
confident level. Do the Wonder Woman pose! It may feel silly
but it's worth it.

2. Positive Affirmations
Gurus, life coaches, even yoga teachers swear by positive affirmations.
Like ads or any daily exposure, seeing something constantly ingrains itself
into your mind. So post positive affirmations like " You're strong," or "You're
unstoppable," in a mirror or above your bed so you can see it ever day.

3. Do Until it Becomes a Habit
All good things take time and practice. To implement good habits you first
need to do it.You have to do it over, and over until it becomes a part
of your daily schedule. That could be running, or practicing your craft.

4. Live Outside the Box
It's easy to get stuck in a rut, and when you're in a rut things become
stale. The same friends, the same job, the same old same old!
Break the cycle by taking a walk through nature or trying
a  new restaurant. The experience will make you feel new
and refreshed.

5. Do a Good Deed
There's a feeling of pure bliss when you've helped
someone. Some may say it's a biological reward
for helping our species advance, but helping people
is more than that. Helping someone just to help someone.
No cameras, no promotion just the act of doing something
selfless is enough renew the soul.

What are some other ways to build confidence? Leave a comment below.

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