Monday, August 8, 2016

If you look around at popular
media you may see

You may be thinking 'what
about balloons? It's just a
balloon right?' Well no. I
became curious about what
balloons could mean after
listening to the latest Rihanna

On the cover of her album you
see a small boy with a crown
covering his eyes holding a balloon.
While doing research balloons
often symbolize a letting go of
innocence and youth.

That made me wonder. The movie
UP is about the unlikely duo traveling
 with trillions of balloons tied
to his house, does that symbolize
recapturing youth? Did he reconnect
with his childhood dreams by
taking off in his own personal air balloon?

If you take a look about you can find my album
covers, photo shoots, and movies with balloon
symbolism. The symbolism of balloons
is meaningful and beautiful.

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