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Friday, August 12, 2016

Start by doing what's 


then do what's possible;

 and suddenly you are doing 

the impossible. 

--Francis of Assisi

This lovely quote by Francis talks
about tenacity. Tenacity is the 
act of determination and 
persistence. It's easy to become
distracted and give up especially
with all the crazy things life throws 
at you.

It is important to remember your
mission in life. Your mission in life 
is how you want to be remembered 
after you leave this Earth. 

My mission in life is to create 
positive, inspirational artwork. I 
want to own my own fashion business
and  start an organization to help 
educate women and girls. 

This mission WLL be accomplished 
through small everyday steps. It is important 
to do what is necessary, in order to do
what you want.

What us your mission in life? Leave it in the comment
section below.

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