Thursday, August 18, 2016

I LIVE in athletic wear, as do many 

The comfort and color athletic wear.
Many celebrities like Beyonce, Kate
Hudson and many others have a
hand in athletic wear.
Stella McCartney

I can't go a week without wearing
my cropped leggings and breathable
tops. I do admit most of the time I'm
not working out!

Athleisure is not necessary on trend
but it is practical. If you love comfort
as much as I do, athletic wear is a

If I'm not going anywhere important,
and just running errands athletic
wear is my go to.  I feel like all women
can relate because some days you feel
bloated or just gross and you just
want an easy outfit.

According to the New York Post
the Athleisure may be declining.
I don't believe that is so because I've observed
 many women wearing athletic wear.

Popular brands like Lululemon, Stella McCartney,
and Ivy Park are on the rise.

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