Graffiti or Urban Expressionism

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Graffiti has a negative connotation.

Graffiti is often associated with
vandalism and teenage rebellion.
Expressionist artwork is high brow,
niche and has an intellectual meaning.

Graffiti brings forth the image of a
young man with a can in his hand
spraying his initials into a brick wall.

But can you take that image and image
a creative young man? An artist expressing
what he sees and feels. A mural to his

Recently I stumbled across Youtube video
featuring Hebru Brantley. A graffiti artist 
from Chicago. He draws his influence from
anime and pop art. 

There are many talented graffiti artist 
out here. I'll list some examples below;
Beau Stanton
Sara Ching Mozeson

P.S But I do think vandalism is wrong.
The artist listed above are commissioned.
I hope this article opens your eyes to the
different types of artwork out there. Just
because it's not in a gallery does not make 
it less impactful. 

More Reading:

Leave a link to your favorite piece of 
street art. (work?)

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