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My Work Aug 2017

It has been a long time since I've posted some artwork. Here you go! I have to say I enjoy sharing my work with you guys, it encourages me to create more. This piece is about the passion of a new relationship. The top left is a soup cup that says ' be strong and love much.' It's placed over her eyes to represent a thought. She's been hurt before and now she feels comfortable to love again. When I think of comfort I think of soup. To the right is the solar eclipse that will take place on August 21. I'm super excited for that. I love major astronomical events. In the mid-left you'll see a girl biting her lip as her lover caresses her cheek. Whew that's hot. In the middle is a carnation. If you remember in middle school you could buy a carnation for your friends, or crush. Carnations to me have always symbolized an exciting, youthful love. To the mid-right are mountains and GPS indicators. I love to travel. That will always be a major love in my life. …

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