My Sexiest Playlist

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My sexy playlist is made up of a couple of my favorite songs. This playlist is great if you're looking for a mellow car ride or a relaxing playlist for your boo. A couple of these songs are old so if you have any newer suggestions please comment below.

Is There Somewhere | Halsey

This song is amazing because it captures the uncertainty of love
the newness and excitement.
She asks just for tonight if we could pretend.


You and I | Ingrid Michaelson

This song has a cute ukulele tune to it. Ingrid Michaelson 
is one of the greatest folk singers of our generation. I remember 
following her on Myspace singing to You and I while a drooled 
over my crush!

Belong to You | Sabrina Claubino (feat. 6lack)

This song is more mature than the others. It talks about 
mutual respect and care for another person. Love songs
can be selfish, with what the singer needs and wants. 
But I belong to you.

Bed Peace | Jhene Aiko

Bed Peace is perfect for a Sunday morning when you and you s.o are just relaxing.
The song capture the slow down culture we miss. The best day is the unplanned, spontaneous

Can I | Alina Baraz
Alina Baraz has made her mark as a sexy soulful
singer with Fantasy and Electric. Can I is different.
A song that sees the beauty inside of another.
There's a universe inside of you.

Sagittarius,You Know You Love Us

Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Sagittarius is a special person. The outspoken coworker or the crazy athletic friend. Sagittarius are the philosophical sign of the zodiac.We seek to understand.We also have a restless side that hates to be contained.

Chances are if a Sagittarius runs past you, we are chasing after our goals,or we're running late. Sagittarius are represented by centaurs. A half man, half horse mythological creature. A centaur possess human speech and thought but also the animalistic tendencies.

If you forgive our blunt attitude and wanderlust lifestyle you'll come to love us. We are supportive, funny, and caring. If you come across a person born November 21 to December 21 get ready to make amazing memories.

Modern Day Dating | don't be immature

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The most annoying thing a person can do is be immature. I am not the refined, high society princess myself but please don't be immature. Let me explain. There's a phase were you realize a guy (or girl) is kind of cute. You investigate and see who this person is. This phase can be Facebook stalking, asking around,observing them.

When I see you act immaturely it turns me off. There's something unattractive about a manchild. A person can be imperfect that's fine like playing video games or an obsession with Star Trek. A manchild is a man that doesn't know how to function in society. The way you talk to people, even people beneath you, is a reflection of your character. The ambitions you have makes
the man.

The work he does to chase those dreams is what makes him attractive. To all the people out there here's some advice;

Speak Kindly and Truthfully
Act Ambitously
Make me laugh

Short and sweet.What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

2018 New Year Resolutions

Saturday, March 3, 2018

What's Your Life's Mission?
My life mission is the same as last year.
 My life mission is to express creativity and help others do the same through art, fashion and philanthropy.

5-Year Plan?
Looking that far into the future can be intimidating. But I managed to put my distractions
aside and come up with a few ideas;
Continue and expand the barefootqueen business
Open an Etsy Shop

Break it down (Deadlines)
Deadlines force you to put your ideas together.
It forces you to prioritize and manage your time.
The thing I hope to improve this year is my time
April Open barefootqueen Etsy shop
Save & Plan for L.A Trip

Just Remember
"If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams
and endeavors to live the life he has imaged, he will meet
with a success unexpected in uncommon hours." Thoreau

Things I Hope for in 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tonight will end a long stressful year for me. 2017 was a harsh lesson that I wasn't prepared for. The lessons I've learned have made me a stronger person. I hope that 2018 brings peace and relaxation to my life.

Things I Hope for in 2018:

Much of the year was spent catching up and fixing previous mistakes. I hope for peace and relaxation in my life. I want to enjoy my friends and family.

I have always had the love, support of my family and friends. I am very thankful for that. I hope in 2018 to continue to receive the unconditional love they have given me.

I hope to become financially and emotionally success. I do want to be successful at my job, I also want to be successful in my relationships.

When the clock strikes 12, I'll close my eyes and hope for new opportunities...

Art Fair

Monday, December 11, 2017

So it has been two weeks since I've posted. Sorry!

I refuse to make excuses. In my absence, I am preparing for the Fair.
The Fair allowed us to sell homemade goods to our local community.
I am selling small canvases with quirky sayings.

This is my first time selling my own work.  I tried to think about
what people would buy. What is something they would love to
gift to their family? I had a couple of stock painting ideas like
quotes, bright vibrate colors etc.

What I enjoyed most about the Fair was preparing my
merchandise. I never painted before and I really enjoyed
it. I would watch YouTube for a few minutes and then I
jump up and start painting. I was like "Someone would love this!"

The outcome of the Fair wasn't great. I sold 3 of the 6 paintings I made.
I'll post them on my Etsy, and get a little painting business
started. What do you guys think? If you have experience with
Etsy, give me some tips!

Describe Days of the Week as if They Were Teachers

Friday, November 10, 2017

Monday: I imagine Monday as
a Catholic School Teacher. She wears
thick-rimmed glasses and has a pinched face.
She comes behind me and smacks me on
my hand as a daze off.

Tuesday: Is the nice-ish Teacher. You like her
but she's still has a no nonsense attitude.
At the end of the year, she lets you watch
a G-rated movie.

Wednesday: Is the PE teacher some
people like him, some don't.

Thursday: Is the art teacher. My favorite
class. She's calm cool and collected because
there's only one day until Friday.

Friday: Is the Teacher that doesn't show up
or alert the school. The class is just there
without supervision. So the principal puts on a movie
until dismissal.

If there’s one recurring lesson in my life— it’s definitely...

Monday, October 30, 2017

If there's one recurring lesson in my life, it's to take the time to do the work. My personality, my attitude, heck, my sign is to jump from project to project. I'm a Sagittarius by the way. I find it difficult to see things through. The projects I start are great. They just need a little time and care.  Time is one thing I feel like I don't have. My mission is to live life to the fullest and sometimes things get done half-heartedly.

It's difficult for me to hash out the details and nothing makes me feel more trapped then planning. I want to go, go, go when it's really time to plan. From 2014-2017 Saturn has been in Sagittarius and it has been hell. I don't know how many of my plans just didn't work out or totally self-destructed. I read my horoscope and it says, 'life may feel like you're driving with the handbrake on.' It SURE does.

There's nothing I hate more than planning. Over these last few years I have become so paranoid I'm afraid to do anything because I don't know if it'll work. But the lesson for me in my life is to take time and do the work. See it through to the end. Practice until you can't get it wrong. This year and next year I'll see it through to the end.

Rest Poem

Response | What It Means To Be A Black Female Introvert

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I recently read an article by Valarie Stephens, self-proclaimed introvert. In her article, she described herself as an introvert that happened to be black, and that is how I would describe myself. I am an introvert that is black. Often times I feel like being a black female overshadows my actual personality. It's shallow that people cannot look past my skin, and get to know ME.

 Black women have the worst stereotypes out of any race. We are over-sexualized in music videos or dismissed as loud mouth baby mama. There is no in between. It saddens me that people find me strange or unique for acting the way I do. I know for a fact there are many black and minority women out there like me. We like coffee, Kawaii things, pop music and being alone.

I hope this doesn't get dusted under the rug. If it does I want to say, I here weird and never going to change.

My Unexpected Dream

Friday, October 6, 2017

I woke up from a good 8-hours of sleep and I recalled the strangest detail from my dream. I am a person that believes dreams can be interpreted and hold meaning, so this dream was strange. I hate it when you can't remember the entire dream. It would help put it into context but...what can you do.

In the dream, I was looking down and saw a green snake. It wasn't a huge snake. It was a small lime green color and was moving in a circle. I watched the snake move round and round until a bigger green snake came behind it and devoured it! I was shocked but I wasn't scared. I woke up not knowing what this meant. 

While on my way to work I Googled "Dream meaning snake, eating another snake." I found a couple threads here and there but nothing really made sense. A Reddit thread I found was kind of interesting;

"Actually, in my experience, the ouroboros is a good sign. It's a symbol of personal transformation. What it means is the old you is used to create a new you."--RadOwl

Ouroboros is from Egyptian Mythology. He represents an infinite cycle of recreation and destruction.
I didn't completely trust his explanation.  

My culture has taught me that snakes are bad. Snakes should be avoided at all costs no matter how harmless they look. As a child, I grew up next to the woods and my parents were cautious when we played outside.

So I searched again, with my FAVORITE source Dreammoods. Dreammoods said;

To dream that a snake is eating another snake represents your drive and determination to succeed at whatever cost.

To me, this is the same thing RadOwl said. There is something changing in my life. I am growing and changing as well. 
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